Strut channel, for outdoor use with low pollution

  • Material composition: S280 or better steel
  • Surface finish: Zinc-Magnesium – for outdoor use
  • Material thickness: 2 mm


I.-Channel MT-40 OC #2268508
  • Economical – high load/weight ratio and rapid assembly make MT strut channel a more efficient alternative to welded MEP support structures
  • Complexity kept to the minimum – optimising logistical and on-site operations, as well as providing simplicity in installation
  • Simpler to design – you can use Hilti MT components for all MEP installations from the lightest trapeze to the heaviest-duty modular framing
  • Simpler to install – compatible with the innovative MT System Twist-Lock, enabling the use of a wide range of MT connectors and baseplates
  • Extensive software support – PROFIS Modular Support Engineering, the MEP Support Selector, Revit® families, and plug-ins for Staad Pro® and Smart 3D® are all available to streamline design and ordering
  • Floor-mounted MEP support structures, such as goal post-type strut framing
  • Ceiling-mounted MEP support structures, such as suspended strut trapeze frames
  • Wall-mounted cantilever brackets for smaller pipes, ducts and cables
  • Modular 3D framing to support pipes, ducts and cable trays
  • Suitable for use in moderately corrosive environments


I.-Channel MT-40 OC #2268508

Material composition
S280 or better steel
Surface finish
Zinc-Magnesium – for outdoor use
Material thickness
2 mm
Environmental conditions
Outdoor, low to moderate pollution (C3 / C4 – low)


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